How AI can help you with your skills set!


In recruitment and your career development it’s all about 1 word these days: SKILLS.

Match jobs and candidates on skills instead of CV and experience to find more or different profiles. Develop your skill set to follow your career path or make a switch.

HR and recruitment is in a storm on automating the best match between individuals and jobs. Who can leverage the systems in the best way possible – a combination of tech and human touch – will be on top in HR, development and recruitment.

People are in a sea of possibilities; stay or leave your job? Become a manager, or a specialist? Hate your job and want to switch to something different, but how? How to get an understanding of your skills? Or which skills are necessary to get that other function?

Enter that other word everyone is talking about: AI.

I’ll show you my journey on an understanding of my skills and how that could help me in my career choices.

Using ChatGPT to analyse skills

“Tell me my skills, as a Business Intelligence Consultant”

Okay, ChatGPT explains that these are indeed quite general skills. Let’s try to include more personal experience and jobs. I have that on my LinkedIn profile!

“Tell me my skills from my LI profile”

Oops, This doesn’t work. But copy pasting my CV does. But it just highlights and mimicks my own summarised skills.

How about asking it to analyse the most important skills?

Yes this works! Although most of the skills are close to my profession in Analytics. If I ask it now what other professions I can fulfil with my skills, most of them are still in Analytics.

So let’s point it towards something different than Analytics and BI. This is better, it comes up with roles as Management consultant, Strategic planner, Product manager and Training and Development Specialist.

But what I’m missing is the soft skills and the mapping to other professions.

Lets ask direct for both soft and hard skills. I think this result is a lot better, it gives me soft skills like Communication, Leadership and Problem-solving. Although when I ask for other professions based on my soft skills, the result is largely the same as before. This needs to be tweaked a little, towards significant other professions.


I think this is very useful, it’s something you had to go to an assessment center for. Of course, that will be a lot more complete but this is a good start of researching your skills. Consider more input than just your CV, maybe a result from your Discovery colour-wheel?

You might want to ask what skills to acquire or improve on to get the job you are after. A quick result and a good start for your own learning & development journey!